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More Coral Amiga photos

Some of the best:


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Video created by Viorica8957.
(Rome spoilers)

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Congratulations to everyone. Coral  Amiga is going on with her promising career.

Finding Coral Amiga is happy to inform you about  the new movie of the young actress.  Sexton’s Wife (New York, 2009).

Our reader, Pete Townsend reminded us the updating of Imdb website. In the same way we want to value the ideas and comments the people as  Elliot Yeller, who collaborated with his links. Your help is vital for us.

Now, for you and the world,  the trailer of the new work of Coral Amiga, one of the young actress with more projection.

More info and trailer

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Today we reach 57 views, it represents a new era for our blog, it has happened because the goal of the site is interesting for the people. Besides, yesterday we could know important information about Coral Amiga and, of course, people wants to know about this actress who played in Rome, HBO.

From here, we just want to remind our position. Our objective is to bring Coral closer to the public being always respectful, always with rigor and serious.

Please, if you have any extra information contact us in our personal e-mail, we just have some problems with the general one. Mine is vtg1984@hotmail.com

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Something about Coral

Thanks to Sarah Greene -who left a reply on “About” page- we know Coral is British, 21 years old, and a drama student at NYU.

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Time is going…

Can you ever look for Coral Amiga in Wikipedia? If you do it you will see that she is not on it. That could be because nobody is interested or just because nobody knows anything even being curious. I think, and that is my personal opinion, that it may be good for her to show up in that kind of website. The question is if she wants, it looks the answer is large no.

This site was a nice idea, without important pretensions but by the way we can debate if she is relevant enough for having some personal biographic information on net. Rome, the HBO show, is loved for thousand of fans and she was the daughter of the main character.

Coral Amiga, it would be great for the people to know you deeper. I tell you this from my respect because if you don’t want be more famous I think is perfect, even you can be proud of it.

I excuse myself for my English, however Coral you maybe could understand me better in Spanish or in Valencian, who knows which your mother tongue is.

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Findingcoralamiga is intested in your opinion, don’ be late. August 18th the decition to close or go on will be taken.

Hurry up!

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